Legal Services

Our Services

Labour and Employee Relations

  • Provide general labour and employee relations services to clients
  • Representing Entities at the CCMA and at Bargaining Council
  • Presing over Disciplinary Hearings and also acting as Employer Representative
  • Provide mediation and abitration services

Procurement and Supply Management

  • Negotiating Contracts with contractors and vendors
  • Advisignon and drafting and developing tender specifications
  • Adjudicating Tenders
  • Advising and making recommendations to the tender awarding committee
  • Reviewing general conditions of contracts
  • Developing procurement policies and procedures
  • Editing of existing procurement policies and contracts
  • Monitoring integration, implementation and effectiveness of procurement policies within the organisation and ensuring legal compliance

Company Secretariat

  • Scheduling of board meetings, agenda compilation, preparation of board packs, minute taking, drafting of Resolutions, registration of special resolutions
  • Submissions of Annual Returns
  • Board Annual Calender
  • Company Amendments and maintenance of Companys' statutory records
  • Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Board Charter and Board Committees drafting and Maintenance
  • Management of Various share schemes, where relevant

Transaction and Investment Advisory

Our firm offers clients access to unique investment opportunities and transaction advisory service aligned with growth acquisition strategy, by identifying, assessing, negotiating, structuring and drive value growth in our underlying investments, and generate both financial and social returns on investment

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conduct Legal Due Diligence exercises
  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Management Controls


PFMA, Municipality Systems Act, Municipal Finance Management Act, New Cost Act, etc.

Advise Public Sector Entities on ways to:

  • Adhere to legislation for all submissions of annual budgets, financial statements, expenditure, etc
  • Adhere to applicable legislations and the organisation strategy prior to conclusion of certain transactions by the organisation
  • Promote transparency by ensuring that the annual report fairly presents the state of affairs of the organisation
  • Advise companies on how to improve and monitor their state of compliance
  • Develop a compliance dashboard for key industry specific legislation